1.How are the apartments equipped in Ankara?

All Furnished apartmens  are full equipped with all electronic appliances like washing machine, refrigerator, dishwasher, cooker, tables, sofas, beds, curtains, beds, sheets, chairs, wardrobes, etc in working conditions. The house or apartment already has furniture  available for the tenant’s use.

Semi Furnished apartments are just including major appliances like rerigrator,cooker,washing machine,dishwasher.

Unfurnished apartments have nothing .

2. What are the cost advantages of staying with Furnished Quarters versus a hotel?

There are several significant cost advantages. On average our rates are 30%-50% less than upscale hotels. There is more space and privacy, so residents can entertain or hold meetings without renting a separate room—and with a full kitchen, residents have the option to cook their own meals.

 3. What is monthly maintenance  fee(aidat in Turkish) of the building in Ankara ?

Monthly maintanace fee covers the cost of  the heating (if the flat has central heating system), janitor services,cleaning of building and  general expenses of the building like maintanace of elevator ,gardening ,security,etc . The LESSEE will  be responsible to pay for any increase which may arise on these expenses.

4. Where we are going to apply to make  subscriptions for phone,internet,electricity,gas,water,cable tv in Ankara?

SweetHome will help you all steps in your subscriptions or  you check below their  web sites.

For phone : http://www.turktelekom.com.tr/tt/portal/Home/

For Internet: http://www.ttnet.com.tr/Sayfalar/Ana-Sayfa.aspx

For electricity:


For water: http://www.aski.gov.tr/tr/834-abonelik-islemleri-icerik.html

For Gas: http://en.baskentdogalgaz.com.tr/index.asp

For Cable tv: http://www.turksat.com.tr/english/v2/


 5.How to pay utilities like electiricity,water,gas,internet,cable tv, etc?

You can pay directly an bank or Post offices in Ankara.

6.What is deposit or security fee?

This deposit fee is getting as a gurantee fee , while the Lessee decided to  leave the flat , incase  to  cover unpaid electriticity,phone,cable tv,gas ,internet invoices or monthy management fee  or having  to repair damaged furnitures or machines.  At the expiration time of the lease, the LESSOR shall pay back this security deposit to the LESSEE when he delivers the premises clean, without any damage, normal wear and tear excepted and pays all the expenses like  electricity,internet, water, natural gas, cable TV rent,phone ,monthly management fee ,and to be repaired the broken machines etc. which  the LESSEE is obligated.Security depozit will be not counted as last month’s rent.Usually 1 month deposit fee is taken from Lesse.

7.What is the differences between “Kombi “and “central heating”? or How is heating system in apartments?

“Kombi” is a boiler for heating of a flat with radiators.You can arrange the degree of warming as much as you want.You are independent while heating the house.

The central heating system is a ‘Controlled Service’ and subject to Building Regulations produced by the Government. Building Regulations are driven by energy efficiency and having a greater impact on more work undertaken within the home.

8.What is procedures buying a house or property in Turkey?

Pleae visit web site  http://www.bicakhukuk.com/eng/redirect.php?fileid=5

9. Are pets allowed in apartment?

In many buildings or apartments people are not allowed to feed pet.